Debra is a Freelance Creative Interiors and events Stylist and Artist.
With a background in theatre backdrops, Illustration and painting she pushes boundaries to reinvent spaces with soul, heart and imagination, working with you to discover what you love, whether its a new colour, creative idea, feature wall or antique piece, She Styles with her unique ideas bringing life and personality to your home, Office, shop or warehouse.

Debra has a degree in fine art from Kingston School of Art. She has worked on a wealth of projects: from theatre painting, design and prop making to Her undisputed artistic talent and eye for finding beautiful and creative things enables her to bring the unexpected and eclectic to everything she creates. She has run her own business for 12 years has created countless seasonable window displays.

Debra describes her own Art work as as richness of colour, touch Exotic, texture, drawing and Journey narrative. She keeps a constant sketchbook, travels for inspiration, exploring personal obsessions.
She strives to create multiple layers to peel away and then reveal secrets underneath like a fresco. She paints draws and uses many different media.
“My paintings are tactile, vibrant and ever-changing, a journey into the exotic world I would like to live in.” says Debra They encompass the path I would like to take and the places I want to travel.

“Debra is a delightful blend of passion, inspiration and playfulness, she brings the unexpected everything she creates.”

Debra Lives in London “I Just love this City “she says, and her perfect hour would be? ” tea and Cake with Grayson Perry” she laughs.

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